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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Time and Prayer

As I thought about my gift of time- due to my chronic illnesses and physical limitations- I realized I had to give my best with what I can do rather than focusing on what I can no longer do.

I expressed my thoughts and feelings through this prayer, which I framed and placed on my desk as a daily reminder.

May my better moments be Yours, 
O Lord to do with as You may.
May my needlework stitches be even 
and entwined with love.
May my writing be Your thoughts, 
not my opinions.
May my resting renew my strength 
and refresh my spirit.
May my down times provide time 
to ponder Your goodness to me.
May my studying and reading 
prepare me to glorify You, Lord.
May my teaching touch hearts 
and draw them nearer to You.
May my life be a reflection 
of Your love. 



Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Gift of Chronic Illness

For over 12 years I was the Director of Nursing in a Long Term Care facility. When my patients felt helpless, hopeless and without purpose, I would remind them of two things: the gift of time that they had been given and the opportunity to offer prayers for the golden bowls of heaven.

Let my prayer be accepted as 
sweet-smelling incense in your presence. 
(Psalms 141:2b, GW)

When the lamb had taken the scroll, 
the four living creatures and 
the 24 leaders bowed in front of him. 
Each held a harp and a gold bowl 
full of incense, 
the prayers of God’s holy people.
(Rev. 5:8, GW)

Now I am the one with physical limitations and must take my own advice to heart.

Selah- think on this

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