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Wednesday, October 04, 2017


Life became a bit busier lately.

Out My Window: Police make an arrest! The median has been planted completing the sewer project on our street. New faces and a full parking lot. Construction occurring half a block away.

August 17th an assessment by Human Services determined that I qualified for in-home services effective September 1st.

Short story accepted and more requested. Another short story accepted for a book coming out next March.

Stay tuned and I'll fill you in.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

The World Through My Window, Part 2

My apartment is one of 82 within two three-story buildings attached by a breezeway. And it has been a busy week outside of my window: painters, window washers, and landscapers. All are coordinated/supervised by our maintenance man.

Good maintenance men are hard to find. We have one of the best! Kudos to you, Josh!

In addition, electricians came as part of the city's preventive maintenance program to work on the huge electrical unit across from my window. Add the usual comings and goings: Dial-a-Ride mini-buses, a cable man, a worker adding a ramp to the garden shed, the Norco oxygen man, the Schwann man, garbage trucks, mailman, first responders and male visitors. That equals a lot of men! Lots of young men!

For this 73-year-old gramma, it's been a delight!

Join me as I tip my "hard hat" 

in appreciation for the men who keep things running and looking good.

Selah ~


[Sewer construction continues but is no longer in my window's view.]