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Monday, January 09, 2017

2017 in Central Oregon

 Dec. 2016

Jan. 7th, 2017

In the 12 years I've lived here in Central Oregon, we haven't had this much snow. Others tell me it's been longer than that. As I write this, the plow is clearing the parking area. It's sunny, but snowing off and on. More is expected tomorrow... possibly another 12". 

From inside my warm apartment, it's beautiful- especially at night when it sparkles like millions of diamonds.

If you look closely at yesterday's photo, you see the silhouettes of birds in the tree.

 (online photo)

More than 60 robins sat in the tree while the rest of the flock-200 or more- entertained me as they flew from tree to tree. A few hours later they were gone. 

3 pm Jan 9th from my window:

Like everyone else, I haven't been able to get out. I've missed doctor and haircut appointments and haven't been able to get groceries. Yet I'm warm and safe. Just wishing I could go out to build a snowman.

 (online photo)

A single snowflake lasts but seconds and melts away. Many snowflakes together can create fun: a variety of snowpeople, a fort for a snowball battle, good conditions for skiing, sledding or snowshoe hikes, and a place to create snow angels. A mass of snow can lead to a powerful, terrifying avalanche.

Our current snowstorm has caused hardships, injuries and fatalities. It also brings memories to mind. In my next post, I'll why I started a snowpeople collection.

Selah ~


Sunday, December 25, 2016

May the power of the Christmas story overwhelm you in a new way this year.

with child

a gasp, a cry
an exhausted mother's sigh
a father's teardrops
a heavenly umbilical cord cut and tied

a sweet aroma of fresh hay
a tiny gurgle as rosebud lips find milk
a whispered prayer
a naming as God commanded

a squeak of rafters as birds and mice gather
a gentle breeze to fan the fire
a clip and clop of a donkey's feet
a quiet baa-aa and a gentle moo

a ray of starlight
a flutter of angel wings
a silence
a moment realizing God's sacrifice- His only Son

a yip of a sheepdog on the hillside
an owl's hoot as he hunts
a rowdy laugh from the inn
a braying camel on the dusty road

a mother and babe sleep
a father watches
an angel guards
a world waits

                               ~ Constance Gilbert


Growing up our family Christmas traditions included opening one package on Christmas Eve. We always knew what that pretty box held. Our new Christmas PJs! A necessary component for our Christmas morning photos.

As you can see my fleecy, cuddly new Christmas PJs are waiting for Saturday night. When I'll be listening, as I have for over 70 years, for sleigh bells and reindeer on the roof.

Not likely, I know. I live in a first (of three) floor apartment. But I'll not extinguish that child in me. 

AirFlight flies over frequently. Do you think Santa might stop by via helicopter this year?

Actually, many of my childhood Christmas memories are not happy ones. So I determined to create good ones and did! 

As Long as There Is Christmas

The first few lights glow brightly, as you watch the season start.
You know you should be happy, but don't feel it in your heart.

Instead, you think about a time when someone laughed with you
and the love you shared then filled your soul. But too soon, 
it was through.

So Christmas comes with sadness, and a yearning deep inside,
a thirst for love and peace and hope that will not be denied.
Late one night you hear a voice, so soft and without blame...
then you realize He's calling your name.
"I know your hurt and loneliness, the heartache that you bear,
I listen and I cry with you through every single prayer.

"I promised in the manger and fulfilled it on the cross.
I built a home that's filled with love for all those who are lost.
"So let me come and heal your heart and give you rest within.
For my way is kind and gentle and will bring you joy again."
His words still echo through the years, a vow that He made true
"As long as there's a Christmas, I will be in love with you."

By Jack Zavada (with permission to use)