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Friday, September 15, 2006


I have a couple of newer per peeves, thanks to technology.

One is drivers who talk on their cell phones while endangering the lives of those I love, including myself. Plenty of studies show that doing anything while driving- talking, phoning, eating, shaving, putting on make-up, etc.-decreases one's response time.

2nd, people who talk on their cell phones- especially those with those little ear gadgets- while in the grocery store, restaurants, and other public places. I don't go out to dinner to hear the person at the next table talking constantly to an invisible person. In the grocery store, I'm trying to pay attention to prices and how best to use my money; I can't concentrate when everyone around me is talking. To call home asking, "What brand was it you wanted?" & hang up would not bother me. But these one-sided conversations that go on and on, drive me nuts.

A 3rd one I see in job ads all the time: "must be able to multitask."

Sorry, God did not make our brains and bodies to multi-task. We have conditioned our brains to jump from one thing to another rapidly. Is it any wonder that we burnout!

Well, the cellphone stuff is mutitasking also, so I guess I have just one pet peeve.

Our bodies truly are as Psalm 119 says, fearfully and wonderfully made. We, Americans, tend to abuse ourselves from all directions. I am guilty also. Although my mental picture is of me weighing 102# with a tiny waist, it is far from the truth; (just this week my 4 year-old gr'son told me my bottom was too big for leap frog.) I eat healthy foods, but too much of them. I don't drink or smoke, but I love colas, yeast breads, and chai tea lattes. I spent a good share of my life multitasking, consuming caffeine by the gallons, sleeping little, and not taking care of me. The result is diabetes, hypertension, and a worn out body that hurts most of the time.

Moms think they have to do it all- care for kids, have a clean house, keep the laundry caught up, do exquisite scrapbooking, & have a gourmet meal on the table when dad gets home. Spend quality time with the kids, tuck them in, clean the kitchen & make tomorrow's lunches, and have time for romance and hubby attention. Moms, you need to take of yourself also. Moms and dads, husbands and wives you need to sit down, discuss your priorities and re-set your expectations.

It is essential that God comes first. Time with Him must include silence or we'll never hear Him whisper His will, His plan for us. We all wish to give our best to the Lord and His job descriptions do not include multitasking. They include focusing on Him and staying connected with our Source, our Creator.


Shalom, Connie

Friday prayer focus family and friends.

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