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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Healing Through Writing

We've talked about journaling this week to express ourselves freely and safely, to preserve memories, to problem-solve, and now to heal. At holiday time, I will return to journaling as a spiritual practice... a way to examine your soul and your walk with the Lord.

Today, in this microgeneration of everything NOW, we need to slow down and reflect on who we are. Where have we been and where are we going, what are we doing, what should we be doing, why are we here... now... in this place... at this time.

The empty page is waiting for us to allow our thoughts and feeling to break forth like seeds from a pod. It receives those thoughts and feelings without judgment. For most of us, there are unresolved conflicts. Through journaling- writing from our heart- we can reveal those conflicts, reflect on our response to them and possible resolution, restore ourselves, and be refreshed, renewed.

You do not need to be a writer to journal. It is a private expression that you may write any way you wish. Sentences don't matter; neither do spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Just write!
Just let your pen or fingers begin and words will flow.

Having an emotional abusive mother causes the old records to play in my head even though she died years ago. When I am in a new situation, or struggling with an issue, she tries to tell me "You see, I told you that you were no good."

Journaling helps me in several ways: I can write down how I am feeling, I can tell her off in no uncertain terms, I can look back at previous entries & see a pattern, I can remind myself that I am responsible only for myself, and I can drain out the negative. To help me heal, I wrote a letter of forgiveness to my parents, which allowed me to change how I respond to those hurtful words of my past. In doing that, I released energy that was wasted by my anger. I use that energy to write, to encourage others.

I revealed my hurts, my anger, my pent up feelings. I reflected on why I felt that way, what I could do within myself to change, what I had tried and what worked or didn't work. As I wrote- over a period of time- I began the restoration process. As healing was taking place
my walk with Christ and my life were being renewed, refreshed.

Are you hurting? Do you have unresolved conflicts? Try journaling. Give it a chance as it is a process that unfolds- write from your heart on that blank page. See how God can help you through whatever your facing.


Shalom, Connie

Saturday prayer focus is seekers and searchers.

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