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Monday, September 25, 2006

Lord, We Need to Talk

I had planned to write about journaling today. Instead, I am going to actually write a journal entry because I am feeling a sadness beyond description.

Lord, myYis aching so much tonight. After spending a wonderful day with my happy, healthy grandchildren, I received a call from a friend. Her 3 year old grandson was admitted to a children's psychiatric unit today.
It is beyond my understanding when I read accounts in the newspaper about 3 children, who with their unborn sibling, and their mother were murdered supposedly by a friend, who also was their babysitter. I pray that they are with you and will suffer no more. But I did not know them and my anger and sadness will fade.
Skyler, I know. Yes, he is a troubled child and has been since birth. And no matter how nice the children's psych unit is, it has to be so scary for a 3 year old. Comfort him, Lord.
Assist the doctors in finding a reason and how to fix it or control it.
His mother is tired, frustrated, worried, and hurting. Comfort her also and bring her closer to you. She desperately needs You in her life.
My friend, the grandmother, has a heart that is breaking. She called me for prayer. Show her without a doubt that You are control, that You are there to put Your arms about her, that You do answer prayer.
The Bible says we must ask in order for You to intervene... I am asking.
The Bible says that when 2 or more are gathered in Your name, You will hear us. So I will call the prayer line at church.
Lord, I do not have to understand, but You do. I leave this family in Your hands. Show them Your Glory!

I thank you for Kalden and Ana, for my their Daddy, my son. They are healthy & know you. (Well, Ana will when she's older.) I thank you for the wholesome, Christian environment that they are being raised in. Continue to protect and guide my family.

Give me the right words this week when I phone my friend.
Replace my anger, my heartache, my lack of understanding with a passion for the hurting.
Keep my focus on You, the Creator and Healer. May this crisis bring Skyler's family to You.

Dear Reader, Please pray with me for this family. Connie

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