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Sunday, September 17, 2006


Today would have been my 40th Anniversary had I not been widowed five years later.

It was a simple, traditional wedding with a garden reception. The church was nearly full and all went as planned thanks to the unboxed gifts that were given.

The first began the day before the wedding when my two bridesmaids arrived. Knowing my mother would try to spoil my day, they had come up with a plan. I would never be left alone until I was Mrs. John Gilbert. Any time that my mother approached me, it was one or both of my friends she faced. Her image was important; therefore, she backed off and did not create a scene.

The second gift was given by my pastor at the rehearsal. My pastor had seen my tears and heard my stories about my mother's sabotage, but felt that they were the normal pre-wedding bridal anxiety. Until my mother stood up at the start of the rehearsal... true to form she began to announce how the wedding was to be conducted. He firmly told her to sit down and be quiet or she would not be attending the wedding. Shocked, she sat down and remained silent.

Today, I cannot remember what was in the beautifully wrapped boxes, but I will never forget the unboxed gifts that made my day special.

I had experienced Psalm 91 in action.


Shalom, Connie

Sunday pray focus is Sunday Services and self.

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