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Monday, October 02, 2006

Adoption Day

37 years ago a seven week old baby boy was placed in my arms forever and ever. I was a mother overwhelmed with joy!
The few days prior had been full of emotion. We had seen this beautiful boy. We had held him and feed him. We had laughed and we had cried. Then we had to replace him in the cradle and leave. John said he was never going to clean the blanket fuzz off his suit- even if it was pink! At home, we looked at the room we had decorated in red, yellow, blue, and green with a circus theme.
For two years there had been surgeries and tests, the decision to adopt, the papers to fill out, the interviews, the home visit, and waiting. The waiting was so hard. Once approved every phone call was increasing our heart rates. Was this the one?
The call came on a Friday afternoon. "Can you come and see your baby on Monday?" She asked me three times! Later, she told me I had said no three times. I was so excited! After calling John, I called the hospital to put me on vacation effective Sunday night.
The day before he came home, we signed the court papers and I gave the tiny clothes and blanket we'd picked out to the caseworker.
What a day it was! A sunny autumn day bright with promise. We did the rounds so the grandparents could see our son first. At home, our dog checked him out and gave us her stamp of approval. Then John went to work for the afternoon- they happily sent him home to his family.
37 years full of creativity, enthusiasm, and a positive outlook on life. There were hard times, but mostly they were wonderful.
Now he's a Christian book designer, a husband, a Daddy of two, a friend and neighbor...
and ... my son.

God blessed us with you, Chris, and I wish your Dad were here to tell you what joy you brought us. The poem is true; you were not born under my heart, but in it.
Love always, Teddy Bear For Mom

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