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Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Armchair Traveling"

My beautiful grandchildren shared with me... Their virus. Now they're well and I have it. So my stuffed up head has been foggy in the thinking department. I have been reading more than writing for a few days. Even watched some TV, which I do very little of except for Mystery and Great Performances on PBS.
Last night I watched a PBS show, "Globe Trekker." Four hikers lead us through God's beautiful country in New Hampshire's White Mountains, a Hawaiian island, the Sierra Mountains, and in mountainous part of Oklahoma. (I thought OK was flat plains.)

As lovely as the film was I noted that we loose so much when all of our senses are not involved.
The flowers of Hawaii had no smell. I couldn't feel the rain or the cold in the mountains. I couldn't really hear all the sounds of the forest. I would have liked to touch the colorful feathers decorating the Native Americans costumes during their PowWow and felt the rhythm of their dances.

I was thankful to be able to see places that I will never be able to travel- I could never hike 10+ miles per day... uphill. I was thankful to see the giant Sequoia trees in California, but would love to walk around one.

I was struck by the diversity of these four places- would a marvelous Creator our God is!

While I'm sitting with a cup of warm, Chai tea, I am remembering some of my adventures back when I was a camp nurse (and younger). Tomorrow I'll share a few with you.

Meanwhile, join me in taking a look around; let's take time to see the beauty right where we are, and thank God for creating it for us!


Shalom, Connie

Sunday prayer focus is church services/programs; and ourselves.

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