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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Born For a Purpose- Part 2

Have you identified your gift or gifts? Your passion?

Look back at your childhood. What did you dream about? What did you want to do most of all?

I feel in love with books as soon as I learned to read. Then I read the Little House on the Prairie series- every night I wrote a new chapter in my head for my Little House series. I wanted to write. Over the years I was encouraged by teachers to keep on writing, but told at home I wasn't good enough.
I also had a passion for the fragile, unwanted in our world. So I went to nursing school to gain the skills needed to care for them. And I did with all my energy.
Also over the years, I have sent thousands of cards and letters to friends, missionaries, shut-ins, ill and injured folks, widows ... then a strange thing happened.
I felt impressed to send a note to someone at my church. I did not know her well, but she was on my mind constantly that day. Finally I went to my big box of cards, flipped through them and found one I'd bought months ago. It seemed to be the right one for some reason. I sat down to write a brief note; then read through it. (That's my Type A personality showing through; I have to proofread what I write.) I could not believe what I had written!
It said that her husband still loved her and she should not give up on their marriage. #1 I did not know that they were having marital problems. #2. How was I to know her husband's feelings toward her. I tore it up; sent another card that briefly said "I'm thinking about you."
It happened again; several times over the next months. A person would come to mind and I would write things I didn't know. Crazy? I was beginning to wonder about myself.
After a bunch of torn, thrown away cards, I went to the Lord in prayer Slowly I realized that I had received the gift of encouragement- through writing cards and notes. God was asking me to let Him speak through me. I sent the first card off with trepidation.
After church a week later, the receiver gave me a hug of thanks, asking,"How did you know?"
"I didn't," I replied, "God did."
I know that it is a gift, because I cannot do it on my own; and because once I write God's message and seal the envelope, I cannot remember what I wrote.
(to be continued)


Shalom, Connie

Wednesday prayer focus is workers and neighbors.

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