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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Born For a Purpose- Part 3

As a child I wanted to write; as an adult I wanted to care for the hurting; as a retiree I have been called to write.

First came the passion. Then I was educated in grammar, punctuation and all types of writing.
Nursing skills were added, which included compassionate understanding along with the fervor to demand my patients' rights. Administrative skills completed my skills list with a degree in Health Care Management. The passion was still there- I loved writing training manuals almost as much as cards and letters. As my 40+ years of nursing came to an end, I asked God, "What's next?" My answer was to write my story. I am back to my passion to write that He implanted in me before I was born.

I am excited to see what God has in store for me and maybe, once in a while, He will allow me a peek at why, who, and when my writing is for.

So my question for you, is, once again, what is your passion? Don't know what you are good at? Ask your friends. Look at your family- when you get together who does what? Does Aunt Maggie always bring a beautiful arrangement of flowers from her garden? Does you sister take the kids under wing? Does Grandma always bring her famous biscuits? What about you? Do they look to you for advice? For encouragement? To keep the peace? To take the family photos?

God made you in His image. His purpose for you cannot be done by anyone else but you because of your unique blend of skills, talents, gifts, and passions. There is someone or many who will only be touched for God by you.

It is our job to be what He created us to be; it is His job to provide the people and the right timing for our gift to be expressed.


Shalom, Connie

Thursday prayer focus is those who are troubled and hurting.

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