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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Born For a Purpose

Each of us is created by God in His image and born for a purpose.
That purpose is our deepest desire, our passion, which was placed within us by God.
We also have skills and talents that are uniquely ours; for example, a baker may be an excellent bread maker, but not as good as making dainty pastries. Another baker may excel in cakes and decorating them. Yet another loves to experiment and create new recipes while her partner always sticks to the tried and reliable old recipes. The same with a flower arranger, a scrapbooker, a quilter, etc.

Having just retired, a woman joined a new group in her community. Shortly after she started, the group needed to restructure its governing body. Using the skills she had learned through her administrative career, she was able to do the restructuring and help them through the transition.
This same woman has the gift of teaching and her passion is for young mothers to realize they must also nurture themselves. She teaches a Bible Study aimed at lifting up those young mothers.
Skills can be learned. Gifts can be honed through education, but education cannot create them.
Remember that we are made in God's image- He is the Master Creator, who has given only humans the ability to create.
Do you know what your gift is? Your passion?


Shalom, Connie

Tuesday prayer focus is teachers and those in treatment.

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