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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Camp Rules- Part 2

For 8 summers I was camp nurse at the Nature Center Resident Camp. All 10-12 campers were 10-12 years old & had spent at least one session at daycamp. It was a work & learn camp with 1 counselor, a junior counseler (13-15 years-old & past camper) & nurse. Translated that means I was cook, disciplinarian/mother, nurse & whatever else was needed. Camp ran from Sunday afternoon through Thursday.
It was located on an unmarked back road- without a map, no one could find it. The property included a fishing lake and ended at a state forest. Besides being very private, it was an area untouched by man 90% of the time. No pesticides, no hunting, no human intervention- just a bit of wild, lovely forest.
I had the cabin. A log cabin with kitchen, bath, 2 bedrooms, livingroom with fireplace, and a screened in porch overlooking the lake. The basement held supplies and an old washer & dryer, which we only used once in 8 years. Obviously, there was electricity, but no phone, no TV, no cell phones or any other gadgets allowed.
Kids and counselors were in tents on wooden platforms. We had a campfire every night for singing and stories. Cooked some of the meals over the fire too.
Each day was planned; the campers helped with chores: setting the table, helping cook & serve, doing the dishes, cleaning the grounds, etc. They hiked each day; hiking a little farther each time; ending in a 12 mile hike on Wednesday with a stop at Devils' Soup Bowl.
Devils' Soup Bowl was formed by glaciers & is 105 feet deep. The way down is full of trees and tree roots. It is a nurse's nightmare and the highlight of the week for the kids. They not only race down, they compete seeing how many times they can go down & up. Every year trying to beat the record. It's amazing watching these tired out boys and girls gain new energy once the Soup Bowl is in sight.
The first session, I went on all the hikes including the 12 miler.
The kids, including my son, were daring me to go down the Soup Bowl. Finally, they won telling me I just had to see it from the bottom up!
I tired to go slow and carefully, but gravity takes over about 1/4 of the way down. Not normally a screamer, I was yelling, "I changed my mind!" Then "No! No, no, no, no-oooo!" (to be continued)

Selah, Connie

Tuesday prayer focus is teachers and those who are troubled/hurting.

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