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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Camp Rules - Part 3

Len, the counselor, was watching from the top and began to run towards me as I hit that tree going full tilt ahead. He was sure I'd be unconscious. How would he and the campers ever get me up the steep hillside?
The tree didn't even flinch; after all, it had been there through all kinds of storms and always stood it's ground. As for me, I was conscious, but my whole body was vibrating from my head on down. I tried to hug the tree to stay upright, but its circumference was way beyond my reach.
The campers came running when they saw I was out of control and tripping over tree roots. Once assured that I was okay, they were determined to get me to the bottom of Devil's Soup Bowl.
They handed me off from one to another. I arrived safely to find that they were absolutely correct. It was beautiful looking up at those giant trees. Walking around the bowl I found a lovely little creek bubbling among some rocks. Wildflowers nodded their heads in the slight breeze. And it felt as if the world was far, far away; as if I had gone back in time. The campers stood around silently watching me.
"It's magnificent!"
They shouted with glee and resumed their racing up the steep banks of the glacier made bowl.
"Wait! How do I get up that hill?"
"Carefully!" they shouted.
It took me four times longer, but I made it to the top. It was worth it, but I never risked it again.
Thankfully, we never had an injury in all the years we took the campers to Devil's Soup Bowl.

The evening of my rapid descent, Len and I talked about God's protection. He had prayed all the way down, knowing that he could not get to me fast enough. If I was injured, the camp would have to close. ( A nurse must be in camp at all times.) I believe, as we did then, that God protected me because those children needed to be there. As hard as I hit that tree, my glasses never broke and I never had a bruise or a headache. Yes, I was protected by the Lord and the campers heard Len and I praying with thanksgiving for my safety.

Tomorrow, I'll share the front porch battle with you!

Selah, Connie

Wednesday prayer focus is workers and neighbors.

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