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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Camp Rules, Part 4

Remember rule #2? The camp nurse never divulges her fears or she'll find critters- not to her liking- in her bed.

We returned from taking the campers to The State Park to swim. Counselor, Len, drove into town for milk as I sent the kids to get dressed. I headed for the kitchen to start supper while the kids had free time for crafts, whittling, fishing, or just resting.
Just as I stepped into the kitchen, I heard a scream from the front of the cabin. Arriving at the screened front porch, I saw all the kids scatter.
"Watch out!" they hollered.
I stopped. A snake was coiled up sleeping in the sun on our front porch.
"Who left the porch door open?" I asked not expecting an answer.
"Stay away from the door. I'll get the broom and sweep it out."
Right, like it was going to be that easy.
The snake was bigger than I thought so my swish of the broom only woke it up. Faster than I can type this, that snake slithered up my broom with big eyes and a mouth wi--d--e open.
Now, I had a major problem. 12 pairs of eyes were watching. I had to win or the remaining days would be... well, you know kids.
So I firmly spoke to the snake telling her that the porch was off limits. She was free to roam any where outside and we'd leave her alone. She looked like she was hissing, but no sound came out. Her tail waved, but had no rattles. I had no idea what kind of snake it was.
Not prepared for a snake bite, I shook the broom knocking her off. She coiled up again and came up the broom even faster and higher than the first time. My hands were at the top of the broom handle with no further place to go. I couldn't get any balance to swing the broom hard enough to dislodge her.
The kids gleefully yelled and banged the side of the cabin. "Where was Len when you needed him," I thought. The snake fell back to the floor.
This time I hit her with all my might... she slide to the side of the porch instead of out the door.
"No, you don't!" and I charged. Just as she was uncoiling herself to strike the broom again, I whacked her head. (So much for be kind to animals.) As she tried to regain her balance, my adrenalin gave me enough energy for one more try...
Swoosh out door she went. She missed the steps and landed in the brush. We could hear her moving rapidly toward the lake. Then the kids heard the van returning and ran to tell of our adventure.
" A B-I-G snake huh?" Len asked with a grin. I don't think he ever believed me that it was 5-6 feet long. It was! Really!
But then there were the mice... (to be continued)

Selah, Connie

Thursday prayer focus is those who are troubled & hurting.

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