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Saturday, October 21, 2006

In Need

Remember this chorus:

"It'sa me, it'sa me, it'sa me, O Lord,
Standing in the need of prayer...
Not my brother, not my sister,
But it's me, O Lord,
Standing in the need of prayer."

This coming week is the NorthWest Parish Nurse Ministries annual conference and retreat.
It is being held here in Bend, OR- a first! Approximately 100 Parish Nurses and Health Ministers will be coming from lower Washington state as well as the entire state of Oregon.
Thursday evening a nurse will arrive to stay at my apartment- I need some extra energy to clean and be ready for her.
Friday afternoon I will participate in a panel discussion on new approaches in Parish Nursing. Following that I will lead a session on Spiritual Growth.
Because we (Central Oregon Parish Nurses) are the hosting group we've needed a lot of volunteers. Praise the Lord we have many and that has freed me up to concentrate on teaching.

Keep me in your prayers as I prepare my presentations and clean. I want to be relaxed and ready to greet my guest; and to touch the hearts of women, from a variety of denominations,
about Spiritual Growth and Discipline: the ability to do what needs to be done in order to receive God's power to do what we cannot do.

Deeply ingrained habits in our spiritual lives help us to tap into God's resources so we might grow and glorify Him.

Tomorrow, I'll share about my tree...

Shalom with thanks, Connie

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