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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Parish Nurse

Today I took Rose out to eat after church. Other than going to church and occasionally to the doctor, Rose is home bound. At nearly 90 years old, she needs help in order to stay in her own apartment. Meals on Wheels comes 5 days per week and a caregiver/housekeeper comes twice per week. Weekend are lonely times; and she rarely misses church no matter how she's feeling.

Within the last week she found that 2 distant relatives and their dog died. The husband & wife died a few days apart from a fall causing a brain injury and an illness; a few days later, the dog was found dead underneath their bed. Rose said she couldn't handle going to the funeral, but phoned me, her Parish Nurse, for support. We talk every week and I visit 2-3 times per month to be sure that she her needs are being met. She wears an alert necklace in case she falls; I am called by security, if she pushes the button as live closer than her family.

Sadly her family don't spend time visiting with her. They purchase what she needs and drops it off, but never stays. Of Italian descent, she has many stories to share; but like many older folks she repeats them over and over. Maybe her family is tired of hearing them, but I don't mind as I know it brings her comfort and joy.

You don't have to be a Parish Nurse to visit a shut-in. If you have children and no grandparent nearby, adopt a grandma or grandpa at a senior citizen home or an older neighbor. Having someone drop in periodically can keep them safe and more alert- tomorrow I'll tell of one lady that could have used a visiting friend.


Shalom, Connie

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