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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Penny

I just found a shiny new penny in the driveway. When I see a coin on the ground, I remember a short story I read years ago.

A woman wrote about a time of problems and was admittedly arguing with God about Him not supplies her needs. "If I am suppose to leave things in Your hands, you better give me some sign that You are even hearing me;" she demanded; and she went about doing her errands for the day. Later that day, she was walking to her car in the mall parking lot and saw a penny on the pavement. Mumbling to herself, she walked passed it. After all, what's a penny worth these days? It's not even worth leaning down to pick it up.

Putting her packages in the back, she headed for the driver's door. A strong sense of urgency overwhelmed her and she paused. "This is dumb," she thought, but she had to go back and pick up that penny. The sunlight caught that shiny penny in her hand, and her eyes fell upon the words: In God We Trust...

Her sign that God was in control?

Yes, she went on to tell that her needs and more were met in the months that followed. Since that day she never misses an opportunity to pick up a penny- she has a large glass jar nearly full- each with the promise In God We Trust!

Maybe a sign for me? For you?


Shalom, Connie

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