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Monday, October 16, 2006

Write His Answer

Write His Answer is a Bible Study book for writers. Tonight 6 Christian writers met to begin this study. What a blessing this was plus an answer to prayer.

I had learned about this book months ago; I ordered it and, immediately upon its arrival, I began the study. The more I read and searched scripture, the more I knew this needed to be shared in order to 1) reflect different points of view, 2) to work through it at a deeper level, and 3) to join together in prayer and fellowship as an encouragement to Christian writers.

Bend Christian Writers has sponsored the study; a Christian writer has given us permission to meet in her store; and the author gave us a nice discount.

We all confirmed our call from God to write; and acknowledged our need to be in the Word more and the need for encouraging support.

I am looking forward to walking closer to God, to getting to know these ladies better, and to becoming a better writer as a result.

When a writer put pen to paper, it is a solitary time; but when a Christian writer takes up that pen, it is a time with the Lord.

You may not be a writer, but what are you doing to have Christian fellowship and encouragement? To grow closer to God? To have a deeper understanding of the Bible?

Small group studies is one way. My daughter-in-law leads a study for young mothers like her; and they chose a mother's time management study to help them become better mothers and wives. In January, I will begin another study for people with chronic illness and/or chronic pain.

There are many needs- take one of yours and find a few others with like needs; search for the right Bible/Small Group study; and begin!

It is amazing what can happen while having a cup of tea together.


Shalom, Connie

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