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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lonely Or Alone

...Mary quietly treasured these things in her heart and thought about them often. (Luke 2:19 NLT)

Like Mary, I was in a strange town; I had lost my job, and my family would be out of state for Christmas. Instead of jingle bells I was hearing bill collectors ringing my phone. Depression was keeping me in bed or watching TV so I could turn off reality. It didn’t work.

Then I remembered a story about two men breaking into the apartment of an old lady. They tie her to a chair while they search for the jewelry and Christmas gifts. She insists that there are none. She tries to explain that she made a choice not to have Christmas so she wouldn’t be lonely and sad.

I, too, had a choice to make. I could be alone or I could be lonely and miserable.

If you are alone or having difficulties this Christmas season, I want you to know that Mary, Jesus’ mother, knew loneliness that first Christmas Day even with Joseph at her side. She delivered the Holy Infant Son of God miles away from family and would not be able to return to her home in Nazareth for several years. Everything she and Joseph planned was null and void when the Census was announced. The cradle, Joseph had lovingly made in his workshop, couldn’t go to Bethlehem. Nor could the specially woven basket and layette Mary made- only basics could go with them. She knew she had the responsibility of raising God’s Son- a task she could never sit around and talk about at the neighborhood MOPs group. As devoted a father as Joseph probably was, the burden still fell upon Mary, who would eventually be kneeling at the foot of the cross when Jesus died.

When we think of Mary, our perspective changes. Christmas, often, doesn’t measure up to our expectations and most of us are too busy to enjoy the celebration. We can make a choice though to establish our own traditions based on what we have. Not, what we want. This year I retired and am on a fixed income; once again my traditions have to be altered. I can still bake and knit, write letters, go to Christmas Eve services and play my favorite music from Christmases past. I will have High Tea using a dainty china cup. If I must dine “alone,” I will create a special meal as my way to celebrate Jesus as my guest and even set a place for Him.

As long as you celebrate with Jesus, you are never alone, and never lonely.

Lord, Help us to make this Christmas one of meaning and joy regardless of circumstances. Show us someone to demonstrate Your love to, and help us to keep our focus on You. Amen.


Shalom, Connie

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