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Friday, March 16, 2007


Well, fixing is in process... must heal first. My hand is very painful & swollen, which keeps me from using it.
Pain occurs throughout our lives & is a blessing that goes unrecognized.
My little grand-daughter has a lot of bumps lately as she tries new things. Just took her first steps walking & anticipate she'll be running soon... along with more bumps & bruises. Closing a cupboard door with her fingers in the way yielded tears, but she's learning.
Pain in my hand sent me to the hand surgeon, and today's technology allows my joints to be fixed. One small deteriorated bone was completely removed, but once healed my thumb will work again... without pain. Today my pain forces me to rest my hand. It also reminds me of how grateful I am to have 2 hands and makes me thankful for a good mind as I come up with alternate ways to do things.
Do you have pain in your life today? Emotional & spiritual pain can be just as devastating as physical pain.
Although pain isn't a choice that we prefer, it can be a blessing! It protects, teaches, guides, heals and more.
If you are hurting, know that Christ suffered also & understands- ask Him to use your pain to bring joy into your life!


Shalom, Connie

1 comment:

Bonnie W said...

Glad you'll soon be as good as new (or at least good without pain!)
Heal fast and well, Friend. You're in my prayers.