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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Special Moment

This evening, while in a fast food restaurant, a little boy about 3 years old pointed to my bright red tee-shirt. With a smile he said, "Bear!"
The bear on my shirt is about 17 " tall; he's wearing blue jeans, a red, plaid flannel shirt under a jean jacket, & red tennies- quite a friendly fellow.
"Yes, he's my happy bear," I responded as his smile broadened. (I think he's met a few cuddly, comforting bears during his short life.)
Then he saw my bright purple cast & the smile left. His eyes held questions, but he just looked from my cast to my face. When I nodded, he touched the cast and leaned to down see my fingers, and then my thumb, which was hiding inside. Softly I reassured him that my hand and arm were inside also.
Seriously he checked out my left hand- all fingers accounted for there; touching the cast once more his smile returned.
"Soon my hand will be all better and we'll take it off," I quietly explained. Once again he pointed to the bear. I nodded. We both knew that teddy bears make you all better!

If that little fellow has to have his own cast some day, maybe it won't be so scary because an inquisitive little boy and a grandma with a bear on her shirt- had a special moment.


Shalom, Connie

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