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Friday, April 06, 2007

Who do you call?

When struggling with decisions, who do you call? Why him? Why her?

Recently, I received unexpected sad news. I couldn't even express all of my feelings about this situation. First, I e-mailed my adult son. His right-brained thinking and male perspective always give me a different slant on things. Next I spoke with a few friends who I trusted to be honest with me; yet they would allow me to either rant or be silent- whatever I needed. They listened; they cared; they shared my burden.

I am grieving a loss- not of a person, but of an important opportunity in my life. Having dealt with many tragedies in my life- many worse than this one- I know who will see me through as He always has.

This gentle man carried a cross on this day we call Good Friday. As I accept my loss and move on, I can go to Him who knows His plans for me and what the future holds. He carried that cross for me... for you and He knows suffering from His own earthly experiences.

He says, "Child, I understand; and I am holding your hand as we walk through this valley together. We are just between mountains... we will see the Sonrise together."

As I once again take the hand He offers, I ask you, "Who do you call?"


Shalom, He has risen! Connie

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