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Sunday, May 06, 2007

This Is a Test

As a student, I dreaded surprise tests. As an adult, I get irritated when a my favorite music gets interrupted to test the emergency broadcast system. A couple of weeks ago, I was awaken by the fire alarm- wow is that loud! I pulled on my jeans, grabbed my purse & my sneakers, & out into the cold morning I went. There was no fire & by the time I put my shoes on, we could go back inside.

Those surprise tests showed me if I was really learning each day in class & as I studied at home. The radio or TV tests became important on 9/11. The fire alarm, caused by a oversensitive smoke detector, could save lives in my senior apartment building, if there really was a fire.

As a young nurse, I had a fire on my unit in the hospital. Later, lightning hit my house. As traumatic as they were, they were minimal compared to other trials and tests in my life: loosing a baby, becoming a widow at 27, nearly dying in surgery, being hit head-on by a drunk driver, being evicted with no where to go except my car, being fired for being "too compassionate," being unable to function because of constant pain and depression...

I'm sure you, too, can make a list of your life's unfair times.

But ponder this thought as I did today: "Without a test there can be no testimony." Simply put, without rain, we cannot appreciate the sunshine; without heartache, we cannot savor the times of peace; without sadness, we wouldn't recognize the joyful moments. It is the contrasts of life that color our world.

As Christians, we cannot identify the needs of others until we have been tested and comforted. Only then may we comfort others.

Yes, this is a test! What hardship are you going through today? Or is a time of peace and happiness? If you are trying to be the best that you can be in Christ, troubles are here or are coming for we are being molded, shaped, polished, refined, and perfected for eternity.


Shalom, Connie

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