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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cans of Adventure

As a child, my favorite place to go was to the Boreman's* house. The 6 children had a list of chores and responsibilities that had to be completed before playtime. Although lacking money, the Boerman's were rich in togetherness, creativity, encouragement and love. Talents were encouraged & there was an old upright piano for sing-alongs.

Mealtime at the Boerman's was always adventure as the pantry was filled with unlabeled cans, which a nearby grocery store saved for them at a very low cost. Each meal one child was designated to pick out whatever number of cans were needed for that particular meal. The older girls and/or their mother- me, too, when I was visiting- made a meal out of whatever was in the chosen cans. We would shake them to guess their contents, but often we were wrong. Sometimes we ended up with unique soups filled with various vegetables. Other times we put together a casserole or a meal in-a-dish. Many laughs, sighs, and "ooh,no!'s" were heard as each can was opened. What we thought was soup may have been cranberry sauce or a can of fruit would turn out to be carrots. Somethings went together well; others... well, let's just say there were unique flavors at some meals.

I have to say that I never had a bad meal there for Mom Boerman was good with spices and herbs, and very innovative. We never left their table hungry for there usually was plenty of flour, sugar, eggs, and oil to make bread, muffins or other tummy fillers. We often played hide-and-seek or chased fireflies after the dinner dishes were done. And on weekends we'd play Michigan Rummy around the huge oak dining room table as we nibbled on popcorn or caramel corn, and drank kool-aide while our parents played cards in the kitchen or talked about homesteading in Alaska.

Those were special times. I saw the saying, "If there's a will, there's a way" in action. People have called me creative, and innovative, but I am not. I rarely come up with a new idea, but I am great at adapting ideas to whatever is available. Missing a couple ingredients for a recipe? Using what I have, I'll come up with a variation of that recipe. Working on a new craft project, I'll substitute the materials on hand or ones that I can afford, and I'll end up with a alternative craft project.

I don't think I realized how much of an influence Mom Boerman was in my life. Now it is too late to tell her.
Tomorrow I am going to send some notes to some of the other special people in my life.

Who do you have to thank? Don't wait... let them know they made a difference in your life!


Shalom, Connie

* name changed for privacy

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