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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Three Strikes & You're Out!

I am not athletic- phys ed was always a challenge for me, but I did like volleyball, basketball & softball.
Yet I was always the last one chosen for the team- I wasn't a winner.

I enjoy the Peanuts cartoons that take place on the ball diamond... I can relate. I was better at taking care of injuries than playing ball. Or like Lucy, let me organize the team & give advice.

Over 20 years ago during a women's retreat, I wrote down what author/speaker, Joyce Landorf, said about playing ball:

"God, in the grandstands of life is throwing off His coat,
waving excitedly, as He points down at us on the field,
and proudly saying, 'That's My kid!'

"Not the image of a god with arms crossed, mumbling,
"I've paid a lot for those lessons; that kid better come through."
And keeping track of all mistakes- a scorekeeper.

"God paid dearly- the maximum price- when we win,
He shares proudly in the joy; and when we lose
He shares the sorrow. Yet always with pride."

I no longer fear the ump yelling, You're out!" I am sure glad that winning isn't a requirement just doing our best. For in God's eyes we are all winners! I am glad I am on His team.


Shalom, Connie

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Tammy M. said...

Hi Connie - thanks for your email. I have enjoyed reading your posts. What a blessing.