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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fireworks: A Celebration

The fireworks just ended & I had my choice of VIP seating. I live one mile from the Butte where they are traditionally displayed. I could sit on my patio or walk next door to the church's parking lot. I chose the latter; & had an unobstructed view of our country's birthday celebration.

Popcorn, lemonade, & other goodies were passed around during the oohs & aahs. A nice way to end the day with friends & fellow believers.

Sadly, conditions here in Central Oregon are very dry & resulted in several fires on the butte. Extra fire trucks came & the fire was controlled, but it is always sad to see trees burn. Thankfully the fire was going uphill. (Many businesses, apartments, & homes are at the bottom of the butte.)

The most important part of my day was earlier during a conversation with my 5 year old grandson. We talked about being free to be Christians, free to go to church, free to speak about God. He, of course, couldn't comprehend not talking about Jesus. And, you know, I really don't fully understand it either as I have never been in a country where it wasn't safe. The closest I have come is when writing to friends in Nigeria. They advised me what I could write & what to avoid so that my letter did not put them into any danger.

Yes, I was blessed to sit outside in the churchyard watching the amazing colors burst overhead with patriotic music playing through speakers behind us. I can think of no better place to say "Thank you, Lord, for the U.S.A.! Help me to understand the freedoms I have and to fully use them to worship, praise, and share Your Word."

Tomorrow & next few days will be 96-100 degrees with possible thunder & lightning- a very dangerous time for wildfires. Pray that homes & lives will not be lost. (Several acres burned today- one a few miles from me.)

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Angela Posey-Arnold said...

Sounds like a great celebration with family and friends. How blessed we are to live in a nation like ours.
I pray that our nation Blesses God.