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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mask Removal Time

I told you that I would take off my mask and be honest with you, my readers.

Today, I remove the mask of deception.

I wanted to enter a competition for an Oregon Literary Art Fellowship even though the timing was short- only two days. (It was in our local newspaper on Tuesday and the deadline was Friday at 5 p.m.)

I filled out the form answering all the questions for the Non-Fiction Literary Award and for the Women Writers Award. Then I set about editing the first 20 or so pages of my book.

It was time consuming because the original was on my computer that crashed; thus I had to retype it as I edited it. On page five I lost it all!

The rules stated emphatically that no late entries would be accepted. If I could complete it by 4:30 p.m., I could mail it via overnight delivery; but I am not a fast enough typist to retype and edit the lost five pages plus 15 more to meet that dateline.

I was angry and thought I would write a letter to the Literary Art stating that Central Oregon writers were not allowed enough time to enter... but I didn’t.

Why not? Because I had taken all mention of God out of my story so I would have a better chance of winning the fellowship.

As a Christian writer, I write to glorify God, who called me to write. Ethel Herr wrote, “We tend to think we are first ministers with a pen. However, before we can minister, we must learn to worship and regard all our writing as an act of worship, done for God’s pleasure.”

I am thankful that I lost those pages. I am sad for the loss of a possible $2500 as it could have paid for additional writing lessons through The Christian Writers’ Guild and for their annual conference plus supplies, like ink cartridges, paper, and research.

Being “called to write,” I have a responsibility to glorify and please the One who called me. I cannot and will not wear that mask of deception again. By next year, I’ll be a better writer and I’ll enter The Literary Arts competition with a clear conscience.. As Ethel Herr puts it I must share openly and honestly what represents my genuine self or how can I show others how to face tension and solve problems.

What mask are you wearing today? Is it time to remove it?


Shalom, Connie


Kathlyn Fauchon said...

Hi Connie,
Good one. Ethel Herr's comment says it all doesn't it? I'd like to know more about her.
I think my blog tonight will be based on your blog.

Bonnie W said...

Dear Connie,

It's a difficult thing to admit weaknesses and failures - you are very courageous to write so openly and honestly.

I believe God will bless you in our writing because of your honesty!


Karing said...

Hi Connie,

Thanks for your openness, honesty and willingness to admit to the trap you fell for that Satan had sprung on you. Remember the only thing God requires of us after a fall is that we get up one more time and keep moving forward.

God will bless your efforts next year for your honesty and lessons learnt this year.



KM said...

Dear Connie,

All of us are tempted so many times in so many different ways. The Lord knows your heart and he forgives all of our iniquities or weaknesses. God's arms are open and are always ready to hold us close to Him. Your honesty and love for God will bless many and will bless you one hundred fold. God bless you.

Kathie M.

Mariane Holbrook said...

Hello Connie -
I read your blog early this morning and purposely didn't respond right away because I wanted to think about it and see if this was something God desired to speak to me about, too. Like you, I have felt that God called me to write and a lot of this came after I prayed Jabez' prayer that God would enlarge my territory. It seems that every time I feel the need to stop awhile or if I feel discouraged, that God opens up a brand new ministry opportunity which challenges me. But writers, even Christians, can fall victim to pride, however subtle, when they see their names in print,when they receive a large number of requests to reprint their articles, or when they receive acclaim for something they have written. Tonight I asked the Lord to rid me of any pride I may have taken in my work. I want to be a conduit and not a sponge, soaking up praise for myself when it should have been going to Him. A few weeks ago I entered a poetry contest, so positive I would win that I almost prepared an acceptance speech! (grin). But I lost BIG TIME. I didn't even PLACE! Interestingly enough, I believe I would have won because the piece was good. But I had to be reminded that God will not share His glory with anyone. I welcomed that lesson. And I welcome your blog today that permitted us to examine our motives and our hearts. I want to do all I can for Christ but unless He does it through me, it's just so much wood, hay and stubble, isn't it?
God bless you, Connie, for being sensitive to the leading of the Spirit today.
All for Jesus,
Mariane Holbrook