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Friday, August 17, 2007


Confused where to go? What to do? When? Why? How?

Me, too! Politics confuses me. Technology confuses me. Business tactics confuse me.
Dwelling on the things that I do not know or wish I knew yields confusion that can spiral into depression. But we were not meant to know everything well. Each of us has knowledge, skills, and talents unique to us plus, hopefully, some commonsense.

What's the key to this dilemma of what, where, when, and how? I believe it is relationships and networking. Through the building of positive relationships we learn what people know, who we can trust and depend upon. They in turn have their network of people who know and people that can be trusted. Another term may be "word of mouth."

We are all looking for answers to simple and complicated issues: Who is honest when it comes to insurance? Who is the best doctor for you? When is the right time to buy or sell a car or a house? What school system is good or should we home-school? Which computer system will meet your needs? How to pick a tomato that will actually taste like a tomato? And on it goes...

Recently, I watched a mother teaching her young daughter how to shop for groceries. She demonstrated how to pick the good plums, explained the difference between "each" and "by the pound," when to buy brand names versus cheaper store brands, and how to have a balanced diet. Her trip to the grocery store probably took twice as long, but the benefits will last for years. We need to do more of that!

Older women need to mentor younger women, boys need to have men in their lives to look up to, teens need safe places to go where guidance isn't a threat, all of us need to become better listeners.

I know I am rambling. I am frustrated that I live in the richest country in the world, but children go to bed hungry. That politicians spend billions of dollars campaigning, but millions cannot afford health care. That people can work for 40+ years then, when they retire, they have to decide between buying medicine or food.

Are you at a crossroad? Are you looking for answers?

Here's where I am suppose to say, "Look to God, He has the answers!"

I love the Lord with all my heart. He does guide me in my decisions; He does answer prayers. But God gave man the knowledge, emotions, skills and talents needed to responsibly care for this world. Have we fulfilled that responsibility? When are we going to look away from our needs to the needs of those around us? When are we going to really listen to one another?


Think on these things-

Each of us are at a crossroad, what choices are you going to make? What will the ripple effect of those choices be?

I am going to ask my Heavenly Father, what choices He wants me to make. I am going to ask Him for a peek at the ripple effect of my actions so I will understand that what I do can change this world.

" I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something; and what I should do and can do, by the grace of God, I will do." How about you?

Shalom, Connie

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