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Monday, September 24, 2007

From Blogs to Webs!

"I am not sure that I am ready for this!" As soon as that thought entered my mind, I just had to laugh. It hasn't been that long ago that I asked, "What's a blog?" Then I set out to create one.
Well, my first one is out in cyberspace somewhere. This one has been here a while & then I added another one in July. Although, I've still more to learn here, I have been "sent" to build a website.

Now, I'm not technically inclined, but I am determined... or maybe, stubborn? Or maybe, it's because my Boss does His best work in my areas of weakness. Well, you better believe I am outside of my comfort zone! Yet, it is exciting to be birthing a new online magazine. Who says you can't be expecting when your 63 years old? Sarai laughed when she was in her 90's- God changed her name to Sarah & she gave birth to Isaac. Then there was Moses. He was nearly 80 when he had a "career" change- from shepherd to God's spokesman to the pharaoh.
So here I am- in good company- going from writer to publisher/editor/writer of 4Him2U!

Forgive me, if I'm not blogging like I should. I'll keep in touch! Right now I have to learn about RSS feeds and buttons and bows... and thingamajigs.

Shalom, Connie


a cup of joy said...

Congratulations for going from writer to publisher/editor/writer. I love your Sarah analogy. I often refer to Abraham's Sarah also on my blog - I feel she was an extraordinary woman! You are also an extraordinary woman and I love to read your blog. This is also my first time using blogs within the past year. Ihate to say it but also at 41, I wondered also last year, what a blog was as I got use to calling people's websites Personal webpages...tee..hee.
I am looking forward to your magazine also. I have also felt God tugging at me to write books at 41. It is funny how God can use us when we feel we have had enough.
Shalom, Donna

Constance Gilbert said...

Thanks, Donna, for your encouraging words. The new magazine is on-line & the writers are sending in their "God messages." I will unlock the site on Nov.17th. But I have to tell you, I am being blessed daily as I walk through this new territory!
What amazes me is I feel that I'm reaching the end of the desert... I am arriving at the promised land! It is no wonder that our wise Heavenly Father doesn't tell us about the future until the timing is right.
When I dreamed of writing at age 7 and again periodically through the years, I never would have believed this could happen. I'm sure I'd have run the other way & sabotaged God's plan for me. And the devil would have gladly shown me the way.
I will post birthing-day; be sure to subscribe- you won't want to miss an issue of 4Him2U!
Shalom, Connie