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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blown Kisses

I've been sick this week. Feeling a little better today, I went to dinner with my son's family.
"No hugs & kisses!" I said as I washed my hands before leaving.
After a pleasant time together, we made plans for later in the week.
Then the 5 year old kissed me on the cheek & his little sister blew me kisses good-bye!
Sure beats all the medicine in the world seeing smiles & getting blown kisses.

If I could bottle them, I'd drop my insurance coverage.
Feeling better just thinkin' about it!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Muse Online Writers Conference

This was a unique experience. Nearly 1900 attendees from around the world came together, via computers, to a 7 day writer's conference. I attended 20 one hour live sessions & at least that many workshops. I have copied 2 notebooks full of handouts. Topics ranged from simple writing tips: "write everyday" to complex information on publishing and promotion. As I finish the last day of the conference, I want to tell you, my reader, that I will be putting to use many of the things I've learned about writing skills, websites, promotion, etc. because it it my heart's desire to encourage you wherever in life this finds you. As a Christian writer, I feel that it is my responsibility to do my very best, which includes continuing to stimulate these gray cells of mine with new, and appropriate knowledge.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hectic Pace

What a week! I am "attending" a free online writers conference that is a week long. Over 1800 attendees from over 10 countries are there.
I signed up for 26 1 hour live sessions, but because life happens I have missed several already. But there are ongoing forums, which I actually like better than the live chats.

Just think- I don't even have to get dressed much less figure out what to wear, no hurry, hurry, wait at the airport, no huge hotel and food costs, & yet there are the perks: give aways & special pricing, a book store, networking, & free access to many of the presenters.

There has been a minor price to pay for ink. I've used up over half of an ink cartridge & filled one notebook with handouts & I'm only half way through the week.

The live sessions are one hour long and many follow one after another. Thank goodness that some folks are slow typists so I can sneak a bathroom break in once in a while. Oh, yeah, I've also broken my rule about no eating & drinking at the computer.

Manipulating my normal weekly activities around the conference has been a challenge at times, but well worth the effort.

I am learning about all phases of writing: writing specifics, marketing, self-promotion, publishing tips, funds/grants, how to have a book tour online, & more.

All this because a Canadian writer wanting to share the pluses and minuses of the writing-publishing world.

I will persevere & not quit because this opportunity is priceless!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sorting buttons

I'm a bit on overload... can I be too blessed?

The website is nearly completed for the new e-zine. The writers will gain access today, but it will remain locked until Nov.17th for the public- except for the home page & the subscription page. As soon as the domain name is added, I'll let you know so you can subscribe & never miss an issue!

A new development... that means another blessing! On Friday I became the editor for "The Encourager." It is a printed newsletter that goes out to folks with chronic illnesses. 130 men & women in 30 states plus Canada, UK, Australia, & Israel receive it every other month. I already write a column for it & was e-mailing prayer requests so I have begun to know these precious people. Many are homebound so uplifting mail is a highlight for them.

Got to spend time with my son & gr'kids on Sat. That's them ( above)! Nothing like gr'kids to wear you out AND energize you at the same time! Love those little hugs & kisses, too!

Yesterday I was too wired (must be the hair in the small picture above) so I sorted buttons! Real buttons; you know, the kind you sew on? Sometimes you just a no-brainer to settle down all those thoughts that begin to run into themselves. Other no-brainers I've used include: the art of coloring books, playing solitaire or Scrabble, doing laundry, & filing papers. My theory is that when you change tasks to these repetitious, boring actions, it requires a different part of your brain to kick in. Thus resting the super-active area for a while. It works for me most of the time. The added benefit is I came up with a few simple Christmas projects to do while I was sorting the buttons.

So now I'm back to clickin' on the buttons & doing fine!

Will update you soon.

Shalom, Connie