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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hectic Pace

What a week! I am "attending" a free online writers conference that is a week long. Over 1800 attendees from over 10 countries are there.
I signed up for 26 1 hour live sessions, but because life happens I have missed several already. But there are ongoing forums, which I actually like better than the live chats.

Just think- I don't even have to get dressed much less figure out what to wear, no hurry, hurry, wait at the airport, no huge hotel and food costs, & yet there are the perks: give aways & special pricing, a book store, networking, & free access to many of the presenters.

There has been a minor price to pay for ink. I've used up over half of an ink cartridge & filled one notebook with handouts & I'm only half way through the week.

The live sessions are one hour long and many follow one after another. Thank goodness that some folks are slow typists so I can sneak a bathroom break in once in a while. Oh, yeah, I've also broken my rule about no eating & drinking at the computer.

Manipulating my normal weekly activities around the conference has been a challenge at times, but well worth the effort.

I am learning about all phases of writing: writing specifics, marketing, self-promotion, publishing tips, funds/grants, how to have a book tour online, & more.

All this because a Canadian writer wanting to share the pluses and minuses of the writing-publishing world.

I will persevere & not quit because this opportunity is priceless!


Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

Don't feel bad about breaking the 'no eating and drinking near the computer' rule. Boy did I break that rule every single day during the conference. :)

Glad you had fun and sorry it broke your 'ink'.

Hope to see you next year.

Lea Schizas

Constance Gilbert said...

Lea, I'm already registered for 2008 & have been getting my writing friends signed up also! Constance