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Monday, October 01, 2007

Sorting buttons

I'm a bit on overload... can I be too blessed?

The website is nearly completed for the new e-zine. The writers will gain access today, but it will remain locked until Nov.17th for the public- except for the home page & the subscription page. As soon as the domain name is added, I'll let you know so you can subscribe & never miss an issue!

A new development... that means another blessing! On Friday I became the editor for "The Encourager." It is a printed newsletter that goes out to folks with chronic illnesses. 130 men & women in 30 states plus Canada, UK, Australia, & Israel receive it every other month. I already write a column for it & was e-mailing prayer requests so I have begun to know these precious people. Many are homebound so uplifting mail is a highlight for them.

Got to spend time with my son & gr'kids on Sat. That's them ( above)! Nothing like gr'kids to wear you out AND energize you at the same time! Love those little hugs & kisses, too!

Yesterday I was too wired (must be the hair in the small picture above) so I sorted buttons! Real buttons; you know, the kind you sew on? Sometimes you just a no-brainer to settle down all those thoughts that begin to run into themselves. Other no-brainers I've used include: the art of coloring books, playing solitaire or Scrabble, doing laundry, & filing papers. My theory is that when you change tasks to these repetitious, boring actions, it requires a different part of your brain to kick in. Thus resting the super-active area for a while. It works for me most of the time. The added benefit is I came up with a few simple Christmas projects to do while I was sorting the buttons.

So now I'm back to clickin' on the buttons & doing fine!

Will update you soon.

Shalom, Connie

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