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Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Felted Purse

I saw a woman with a felted purse. As a knitter, I asked whether she had made it. That began a long conversation about the fun she has felting , choosing the yarns and colors, waiting to see how the yarns blend when they shrink, and the joy of giving her creations away. Although I have never felted, we chatted easily as knitting enthusiasts. That led to why we were at the orthopedic center and the mention of an upcoming surgery for her.

Suddenly there was silent pause... we both realized that this was not a "by chance" meeting. "I'm a Parish Nurse;" I said, softly breaking the silence. She smiled saying, "No; you're an angel sent by God. I needed one here." (She is from out of town; after surgery she will return for chemo, which will require a motel stay each time.)

I am not an angel, but I do recognize that I was in that place, at that time, to become a tangible touch of God upon her life. My new knitting friend & I will share more times together- I am already blessed having met her.

How often do we miss the opportunity God has placed in our path because we're not paying attention? Sure glad I noticed that purse!


Shalom, Connie


Anonymous said...

And speaking of knitting... when I look back on my life, I am always so amazed at how God knits people together for specific times, events, needs, and blessings. In my daily life, I try to remember to *look* and *listen* for what is truly going on beneath and around our normal daily routines and remember Esther---and think, "Who knows if I wasn't put on this earth for such as time as this very moment."


Connie Gilbert said...

Cindy, the tapestry of life is amazing! Although we see the underside with its knots & tangles, God's pattern will be revealed some day. As I mature, I am understanding the need for all the colors- dark and bright, for all the textures- silky smooth to rough & irritating, and for all the labors- from the simply easy knit one, purl one to the complex patterns and thank the Lord for each opportunity of life. I pray that my life & my writing will change heaven! Connie