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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dressing Up for Christmas?

What a time it has been! On the day before Thanksgiving I had a heart cath, which praise God showed only mild vessel narrowing and no major problems. After 2 days of being pampered at my son's I returned home to rest prior to a final test. The pulmonary function test was mostly normal- a good thing!- but did show that not enough oxygen is going into my blood stream. At last, a reason for why I have been short-of-breath and fatigued with exertion since June. Now I will see a pulmonary specialist for the why's to be answered.
But, meanwhile, in the middle of ladies Bible Study last Wed. I began wiggling and not paying attention. Boy, was I itchy!!!
Within hours I was scarlet from the neck down and within 24hrs later I was sick with my own Santa suit on, but I was not hopping a sleigh to anywhere... I was grounded. I didn't have Santa's rosy cheeks either- those below my listless blue eyes were very pale. Turns out my sweet 19 month old gr'daughter shared her strept infection with me; but instead of strept throat I had Scarlet Fever.

Today, the rash is nearly gone & I even feel well enough to check my e-mails.

For all of you, I have 2 tips on Dressing Up for Christmas:
1. Wash your hands often- it's still the best way to avoid illness.
2. Cover that cough or sneeze- it's the best gift you can give to others.

While I'm waiting to see the return of a sparkle in my blue eyes, I'm sipping tea and reading a few Christmas books as I prepare my heart for Christmas. I pray it won't take Scarlet Fever for you to spend some time in His presence... remember, it's not what you wear, what you do, what you wish or what you buy...it's opening your heart to Him in celebration of His gift of love!

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