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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Opportunities Anew

Beginning Again

2007 was a great and a awful year for me, but today get to begin again! As I get older, I appreciate the New Year as an opportunity for another chance. (Wish that wisdom came earlier in life.)

So let me begin with 2007. It was a rough year health-wise and financially. I am feeling pretty good now, as the year winds down; so I want to be healthier in 2008! And my finances would improve if some of my writing sells. :)

The good stuff of 2007 includes finding ShoutLife; improving my blogging skills and opening a website; forming Sonrise Writers with my dear friend, Bonnie Winters; facilitating Marlene Bagnull's Bible study for writers 3x with each time greater than the last one; the opportunity to mentor some writing friends; writing a monthly column on emotional abuse for Positively Feminine; becoming the editor for The Encourager, a printed newsletter for the chronically ill; and greatest of all the "birth" of 4Him2U in November.

The special thing this year is that I made and actually fulfilled my New Year's Resolution: to better hear the voice of God! To learn to be in His presence and to be quiet- yep, I had to shut up in order to listen. This has been and continues to be an awesome and precious time with the Lord. I count that as the reason for the good stuff of 2007!

For 2008 I want to improve my walk with Him; I want 4Him2U to reach >10,000 new folks around the world; I want to be published with pay; and I want each of the Sonrise Writers to receive writing contracts. For you, my reader friends, I am asking God to bless you in a special way this coming year- so special that there can be no doubt that God is the source!!!

I want to be a "Spirit-walker" and to be content: being where God wants me, doing what He wants, and being satisfied with His timing. May He grant the same for each of you.

Shalom, Connie

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Cheryl said...

Sounds like you had a very productive year!

I also had some health problems which slowed me down considerably in 2007, but praise God I completed a compilation book, Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook.

This Bible-based book is intended to encourage others to spend time with God regularly. The biblical truths there are intended to put readers on the 'fast track' to victorious living.

I have focused a lot on Bible study during my private time. Now I may spend too much time on worship, but I am learning to give him a chance to speak also. And he does.

Blessings for the new year and always,

Cheryl Rogers
http://www.songsfromtheword.com, home of the Fast Track to Victory blog