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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Toes & the Brain

No, Toes is not a character. It's literally- the relationship between a toe and the brain.

Now, we all know that connection when we stub our toe. Immediately our brain reacts: pain! Which makes us move quickly, as in hopping up and down minus the pogo stick and risking falling.

Then comes the yell, "Who put the (_____) (_____) in my way!" And the mad dash for an ice pack.

Well, I'm glad you couldn't hear me or see me last Tuesday as my vacuum cleaner proved that two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. That wee, crooked toe has met with disaster before, so I'm sure it broke easier his time.

Yelling at the none-existent person, who left said vacuum cleaner in my path, provided no comfort. Nor did the ice pack for the first few minutes. Yes, I did the pogo stick dance & nearly toppled over. That would have hurt my pride, if no other part of my anatomy.

Back to the topic: the relationship between brain and toes. After the red-flag-waving emotions die down- along with the pain- the ice is in place and the foot elevated, the rush of ideas overtakes you.

Writer's Block? Just stub your toe!

Ideas overflowed from the silly . . . to stupid . . . to maybe that'll work . . . to got it!
  • How am I going to get my shoe on?
  • Non-fiction article: "Like ice, it hurts at first, but then ahh-hhh!"
  • How do you effectively describe the color changes in bruising?
  • Could the pogo stick dance be the new craze?
  • Where I am going to put the vacuum cleaner to avert further damage?
  • Storage Ideas for an Apartment Dweller
  • Toes could be the main character for that funny book, Toes and the Brain, I wasn't going to write.
  • I'm not telling anybody I did this... well, after I tell Flowie, so she'll water my flowers and Charmaine so she'll bring me my mail. Then, I better call Wilma and cancel our . . .
  • A ballad: "The Lament of the Little Toe"
  • Now, what was I doing before all this happened?
  • Maybe, I'll just write this in my blog.
No, I better not, after all...I'm not telling anyone!

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