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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Book Review: Through the Storm: A real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World.

from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Lynne Spears, mother of Jamie Lynne, Bryan and Britney Spears, tells what it is really like when your children are reaching for fame and fortune. Because I do not keep up with contemporary music, Briteny Spears was only a name to me. So I felt that I would be an unbiased reader.
I found the story of Lynne's marriage and children to be told very defensively. Her challenge of telling the truth was not convincing. Nor was the faith that she claimed carried her through the tough times. It seemed like an afterthought. I don't wish to be judgemental. Her faith just didn't come through as life-sustaining, thus it was not an encouragement to me.

The more I read, the more biased I felt. I could understand how her co-dependent behaviors added to her problems being married to an alcoholic. But being victims of multiple unscrupulous managers, agents etc.? Once, maybe twice. But as a college graduate and business owner, could she really have been that naive? Blaming it on her small town, Southern upbringing was a poor excuse for allowing injustices to go on over and over again.

While I don't doubt that she loves her children, my impression is that she needs to accept more responsibility for her actions or lack of action. By the time I got to the end of her book, my main thought was that it never would have been published without the name Briteny Spears. (Thomas Nelson: was the dollar or her story the purpose of printing this book? Sorry, that's where my thoughts led me.)truth

While reading it during dinner one evening, I asked a young waitress to tell me her impression of Briteny Spears. She responded that Briteny really messed up her life, but" she's trying to put it back together again." I then asked if she'd like to read the book. "Yes!" was her quick reply, but then she reads all the tabloids, too.

So is this book much better? I'd like to think that it was more truthful. The writing itself was mediocre; but most important, there is no real take away value for the reader.

Britney fans will be disappointed, as it is her mother's story, not hers. Mothers with rising stars may appreciate a view of what's to be gained in a tabloid world. Maybe, you need to read it for yourself & decide. But his a book that I can not recommend.



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Election Thoughts

A writer friend has posted a thought provoking challenge at http://www.rtsponderings.wordpress.com. Scroll down to Oct. 8th's guest writer, Les James' thoughts "If My Bible Were..."

I must admit, I was found guilty. Of what? Of being fearful and anxious about our upcoming election. Because I live in Oregon, my ballot is on my desk waiting for decisions to be made even though I am not happy with our choices. I am concerned about the effect of rising food costs, gas prices, health care, etc.

As one of many on a fixed income, I am constantly having to find ways to survive when my medical costs take more than half of my income. I am seeking inexpensive, creative ways to give gifts to my grandchildren, family and friends. I am a writer with a zero budget... even buying ink for my printer is difficult. Life is not easy.

Then I read Les ' challenge. I am not practicing what I say I believe. My faith is the foundation of my life. Yet my mind is taking me into areas of thinking that are not compatible with that foundation.

Nevertheless, I will not give up the freedom to vote. I will sit down and read the resources I've gathered for my decision-making process. But FIRST I will ask the Lord for His guidance.

My life is evidence of God's interventions and answers to prayer. From giving me a baby to raise for Him to the basics of having enough money to buy food to eat, gas for my car, and medication to keep me from being a burden upon my family or society.

Like the Children of Israel, I moan and groan, and complain. Too quickly I forget how He has provided guidance, protection and manna.

An old song says, "Get On Board Little Children..." I am. I am getting back to my foundation of faith ~ for it has not failed me. I will fill out and mail in my ballot. And then, I'll leave the running of the USA to the winners of the election.

Why? Because it has nothing to do with campaign promises. God is in control of this world that He created. Therefore, my actions must reflect my faith and I must set aside my fears and anxiety by "Letting Go & Letting God."

Thanks Les for the wake up call!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


News that won't reach the local newspaper, but keeps me "happy dancing" & wanting to share my joy with you:

COWG's* Contest Winners--to be read at Fall Literary Harvest October 17th:
First Place: Mike Rettig, Last Run
Second Place: Cameron Prow, See, Hear, and Speak No Evil
Third Place: Suzanne Burns, Casting Call
Selected to be read at Fall Literary Harvest:
Elsie Rochna, Split Decision
RaeAnn Proost, Cupcakes Cooling On The Counter
Alex Weiss, Wild Life; Rumble Ponies; Rootsteps; I Remember; Enough
Constance Gilbert, Dandelions of Life
Jo Ann Senior, Revenge of the Devilish Donut
Bill Baber, The Innocence of Summer; Next Nowhere; Your Blues
Carol Brian, How Canada Geese Behave; High School English Teacher; Standing in Line at the Post Office; Virtual Reality; Why Are You Weeping?

I am in great company as several of these writers are published authors.

* Central Oregon Writers Guild