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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Election Thoughts

A writer friend has posted a thought provoking challenge at http://www.rtsponderings.wordpress.com. Scroll down to Oct. 8th's guest writer, Les James' thoughts "If My Bible Were..."

I must admit, I was found guilty. Of what? Of being fearful and anxious about our upcoming election. Because I live in Oregon, my ballot is on my desk waiting for decisions to be made even though I am not happy with our choices. I am concerned about the effect of rising food costs, gas prices, health care, etc.

As one of many on a fixed income, I am constantly having to find ways to survive when my medical costs take more than half of my income. I am seeking inexpensive, creative ways to give gifts to my grandchildren, family and friends. I am a writer with a zero budget... even buying ink for my printer is difficult. Life is not easy.

Then I read Les ' challenge. I am not practicing what I say I believe. My faith is the foundation of my life. Yet my mind is taking me into areas of thinking that are not compatible with that foundation.

Nevertheless, I will not give up the freedom to vote. I will sit down and read the resources I've gathered for my decision-making process. But FIRST I will ask the Lord for His guidance.

My life is evidence of God's interventions and answers to prayer. From giving me a baby to raise for Him to the basics of having enough money to buy food to eat, gas for my car, and medication to keep me from being a burden upon my family or society.

Like the Children of Israel, I moan and groan, and complain. Too quickly I forget how He has provided guidance, protection and manna.

An old song says, "Get On Board Little Children..." I am. I am getting back to my foundation of faith ~ for it has not failed me. I will fill out and mail in my ballot. And then, I'll leave the running of the USA to the winners of the election.

Why? Because it has nothing to do with campaign promises. God is in control of this world that He created. Therefore, my actions must reflect my faith and I must set aside my fears and anxiety by "Letting Go & Letting God."

Thanks Les for the wake up call!

1 comment:

SuseADoodle said...

Oh dear -- I went and find that old post and commented on it. I wonder if it will actually end up getting added to the list of comments. I found the post to be ... well, I can't think of a nice word for it -- disgusting comes to mind.
I once was a strong staunch conservative, fundamentalist. Then life let me see things from the other side, put me into situations where I faced the day-to-day problems a majority of people face. My opinions changed. My sense of theology and what it means in my life changed.
If Les' viewpoint is the one "good Christians" are supposed to have, no thank you -- I'll go be a Buddhist. At least Buddhism acknowledges it is about "me first" and does not make a pretense that it loves its neighbor.

Oops ... sorry ... all you did is point me there. It's not your fault ... but it is people and voiced opinions like Les' that make me want to stop using the word "Christian" to describe my faith and who and what I am. When the Rapture comes, and if people like Les leave this earth, I can really understand why the people of earth will rejoice.

Ut oh ... there I go again ... sorry ... I shouldn't be so negative here. I suppose I should have said these things there. **sigh**

Thanks though for suggesting finding the post. Reading stuff like that, and I did agree with maybe 3% of what was written, makes me define more clearly for myself what I do and don't believe.