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Friday, October 30, 2009

Wonderous Happenings In Spite of Technology

Live certainly is not dull & boring here in the NW.

Today was spent with multiple computer clitches, but I will not let them win!

4Him2U, the online Christian magazine I edit, is nearing its 2nd anniversary & we are adding new writers.

I have been having health concerns, but I refuse to let them stop me from fulfilling my call to write and to encourage others. Today, more than ever, I re-state my mission statement: to encourage joy in the spiritually oppressed through my written and spoken words... actions, too!

I am thankful for a new friend, who moved into my apt. complex a few months ago, she is an answer to prayer. Sandi & I share a love for the Lord and as 2 single ladies, we now can spend time together sharing that love as well as meals, shopping and movies. For those of you that live alone, you now how precious that is! And although we are in separate buildings, they are connected by a breezeway. Weather doesn't keep us apart.

Life is a bit stressful, but as Maxine says, "If it wasn't for stress, I wouldn't have any energy!"

Selah ~



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jumping for joy or...

I'm feeling a bit silly this evening. I have a brain that's going full speed ahead while my body is wanting to curl up with a good book under my warm comforter.
Maybe I'm not a clown... maybe I'm feeling like a bear ready to hibernate for the winter?!
Can NOT do that!
So many projects await: I'm facilitating a Bible study on Philippians, writing a study on remembering God through the simple stuff of life, preparing to edit and/or write some new e-books, returning to my network of friends now that my computer is online, learning Biblical Hebrew, attending a study on "Spirit-filled Temperaments, preparing some submissions, making healthy soup once per week for my neighbors (my reach out & touch ministry), and trying to stay away from the nasty-germ- patrol trying to pass that ole' influenza around.

Sometime, in between things, I need to clean my apartment, find a way to pay for my medicine (I fell into the donut hole!), get to the post office, do laundry, and clean out my garden box. N0-oo, I already did that!

Just the basic stuff for a retired lady with nothing but time on her hands. Right! No! This body may be tired, but the Lord has others plans, so duh, dah! I gotta get movin!



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy to be Back

A new computer + DSL ---> a happy dance!

It will take me a while to catch up, but I'm committed to returning to my network of friends and favorite sites after almost a year of a dead computer.

Meanwhile, here's my quick, brief update:
  • Have had 2 stories published ~ "The Calming Storm" in Hope Whispers & "Maytag Memories" in Cupcakes on the Counter (both available at Amazon).
  • I am writing a Bible study ~ A Forgetful People: a study in Remembering prompted by the cantor at my Messianic Hebrew tradition church saying, "God knows we are a forgetful people."
  • 4Him2u & my column in Positively Feminine are 2 years old... & I thought I couldn't do it!
  • Won a regional writing contest last October (2008) but my story was rejected this year. Oh well, those rejections help the head and ego from swelling too big.
  • Spent 2 weeks vacationing in Hawaii during May & fell in love with Oahu.
  • Began Stone Soup night here at Pilot Butte Retirement Center (PBRC). Everyone brings something to add to the pot & I make the soup. It means one evening of healthy food & not eating alone. Around 20 seniors have participated. It is a part of my friendship building ministry as is...
  • being the library & computer lady here at PBRC.
  • Working on needlework projects for Hanukkah/Christmas
  • Participating in the Muse Online Writers Conference this week.
  • Continue to write & edit "The Encourager," a snail mail newsletter for the chronically ill.