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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy to be Back

A new computer + DSL ---> a happy dance!

It will take me a while to catch up, but I'm committed to returning to my network of friends and favorite sites after almost a year of a dead computer.

Meanwhile, here's my quick, brief update:
  • Have had 2 stories published ~ "The Calming Storm" in Hope Whispers & "Maytag Memories" in Cupcakes on the Counter (both available at Amazon).
  • I am writing a Bible study ~ A Forgetful People: a study in Remembering prompted by the cantor at my Messianic Hebrew tradition church saying, "God knows we are a forgetful people."
  • 4Him2u & my column in Positively Feminine are 2 years old... & I thought I couldn't do it!
  • Won a regional writing contest last October (2008) but my story was rejected this year. Oh well, those rejections help the head and ego from swelling too big.
  • Spent 2 weeks vacationing in Hawaii during May & fell in love with Oahu.
  • Began Stone Soup night here at Pilot Butte Retirement Center (PBRC). Everyone brings something to add to the pot & I make the soup. It means one evening of healthy food & not eating alone. Around 20 seniors have participated. It is a part of my friendship building ministry as is...
  • being the library & computer lady here at PBRC.
  • Working on needlework projects for Hanukkah/Christmas
  • Participating in the Muse Online Writers Conference this week.
  • Continue to write & edit "The Encourager," a snail mail newsletter for the chronically ill.



1 comment:

inChristalone said...

Dear Connie,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and offering a comment. I appreciate it. I will follow your blog as well. I like what you have to say and signed up to receive your ezine. It is nice to get to know fellow believing writers. I hope to get to know you better.
God bless sister.