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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jumping for joy or...

I'm feeling a bit silly this evening. I have a brain that's going full speed ahead while my body is wanting to curl up with a good book under my warm comforter.
Maybe I'm not a clown... maybe I'm feeling like a bear ready to hibernate for the winter?!
Can NOT do that!
So many projects await: I'm facilitating a Bible study on Philippians, writing a study on remembering God through the simple stuff of life, preparing to edit and/or write some new e-books, returning to my network of friends now that my computer is online, learning Biblical Hebrew, attending a study on "Spirit-filled Temperaments, preparing some submissions, making healthy soup once per week for my neighbors (my reach out & touch ministry), and trying to stay away from the nasty-germ- patrol trying to pass that ole' influenza around.

Sometime, in between things, I need to clean my apartment, find a way to pay for my medicine (I fell into the donut hole!), get to the post office, do laundry, and clean out my garden box. N0-oo, I already did that!

Just the basic stuff for a retired lady with nothing but time on her hands. Right! No! This body may be tired, but the Lord has others plans, so duh, dah! I gotta get movin!



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