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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Season of Miracles

The eight day Hanukkah celebration is drawing to a close and I have been blessed because of it.

Just a glance at the menorhea/hanukkiah causes me to pause and reflect upon God's many gifts to us. Hannukah, also known as the Feast of Lights or the Season of Miracles has been a perfect Advent time of preparation for me. As a child, Jesus would have lit the candles and spun the dreidel with His family. That thought draws me closer to Him- a man of perfection, who left His throne to be born as a helpless baby to an ordinary couple so
He could teach and later give Himself for us.
In the game, each letter has a meaning:

nun = you get none
shin = put one in
gimmel = take all
hey = you get half

For me they also mean: nun = none of my sin will matter as I walk with Jesus
shin = add a blessing & many more will return
gimmel = Jesus gave His all for me... for you
hey = I may be only able to give half,
but Jesus gives no less than 100%

As I remove the golden foil around my geld to sample it's chocolate delight, I know the streets of gold and a mansion await me. When He calls me home, I will be forever rejoicing and singing His praises with the angels!

For now, I am content to savor my chocolate coins and to renew my promise to walk and talk with Him.

Good mornin' Lord, It's so nice to meet You.
Good mornin' Lord, it's so nice to know
That You'll walk with me
And talk with me
Where ever I may go.
Well, good mornin' Lord, good mornin' Lord!
Shalom, Connie

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