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Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's All Decided

      I'd made up my mind... no books. I will continue writing short stories & articles, but a book is no longer an option. Then...

      A sweet young lady said, "God knows we are a forgetful people!"

      "A Forgetful People" I couldn't get that thought out my mind. For days it hung there 24/7 waiting for a response. Finally, in prayer, the answer came before I asked the question.

      "The Lord spoke his word to Connie. He said, 'This is what the Lord God of Israel says: Write in a book everything that I tell you.'" (Jeremiah 30:1-2 with name changed, God's Word Translation)

      Thus, I have been preparing my heart, writing, studying, & researching:

A Forgetful People: a Study of Remembering is written to increase our awareness of God and how He expects us to walk in His ways. 
Using a combination of storytelling and scripture, we look at items in my home- silver boxes, Pogo, a crystal frog, bees and apples, a wildflower collage, teacups, a basket and snowflakes- to learn how simple things can bring us into God's presence, promises, provisions, and pleasure. 

      Snoopy usually writes "Once upon a... The End." I'm already further along than that!

      A crucial need for any Christian writer is prayer support. My 25 prayer team members will keep me free of distraction, focused and accountable. Their prayers will flow into the golden bowls of heaven. (See Rev. 5:8) The second team are reviewers for writing content and for scriptural accuracy. I am blessed to have such faithful support.

      My own heartstrings are reaching into the heavens for guidance.

      To keep you updated, I will be journaling this writing adventure; and I am planning on providing a free e-book in January to give you a peek at "remembering". 

      If you'd like to join in praying for A Forgetful People, send me an e-mail at (constancegilbert@gmail.com) with your address & I'll send you a reminder bookmark. 

~ ~ ~

      Two of my short stories were published recently: "Morning Glory" in Lori Wagner's A Patchwork of Freedom and "Oy, the Rust in the Golden Years" in Lynn Johnston's Lessons of Life.

      More of my writing can be found here:
www.4Him2U.com and Connie's Coda at                        www.positivelyfeminine.org/Beautiful/beautiful.htm

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