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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I had the unexpected pleasure of watch a heavy, wet snowfall in the wee hours of the morning. Prior to the snow there had been high winds with heavy gusts, but they had passed by the time the snow came. Now over 12 hours later, it is raining and washing away the slush that man created all day; but 2-4 more inches of snow is forecast for tonight.

By 8 a.m. we received over 6 inches of pristine, unique snowflakes joining together to weigh down tree limbs and wires causing power outages. Cars and roads were covered- a good day for 4 wheel-drive and driving slo-o-owly. Schools & many offices were closed. The Red Cross has set up an emergency shelter... 500-1000 in the county are without electricity this evening.

I wonder how many saw the beauty of all those lacy ice crystals as well as its mighty power. If I was younger, I'd build a snowman and make snow angels. I hope my gran'kids did.

But with all this beauty, I am remembering a young girl from the Middle East on the radio shortly after 9/11. She & the women with her were risking their very lives by talking to a male reporter of the abuses women in Islamic countries face every day. I don't remember any words except for hers, "I can't even go out and make a snowman."

Nearly 10 years later, I am still affected by her simple words. I shall never see snow or a snowman without remembering the freedom we have.

Yes, the snowfall early this morning was beautiful, mighty & a reminder never to take our freedoms for granted.

Shalom, Connie

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