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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lesson Re-learned:

      I thought I had a virus and was really dragging, but nothing developed. The tiredness continued though then I gained over 10 pounds. Eek! It was water retention and rapidly increased. When I woke up with swollen legs- upper and lower- and sausage feet, I had one of those ahah moments. The pill I take for my diabetes caused me to go into congestive heart failure (CHF). No wonder I didn’t feel like doing anything. And thankfully, I mostly rested. It takes 2-3 weeks for the swelling to decrease. By last week I was feeling much better.

      CHF is a diagnosis for several conditions and for me my heart wasn’t failing. It was just working harder due to the accumulation of fluid. That’s why I’m thankful I listened to my body and rested. Had I pushed it, I may have been in big trouble, and not writing this now.

       God created us amazingly and wonderfully complex. He also added some safety valves- the signals given us to slow down and rest, to go to the doctor; even pain is a safety valve. Plus a mind to recognize those signals.

      Like you, I wish doctors were better listeners. I am blessed with one that does and because of that I always ask for the last appointment so I’m not infringing on another patient’s time. Maybe it’s because of my years of nursing experience, but she also talks with me by phone eliminating some office visits. When I am ill, she phones to check up on me. Yes, I’m blessed!

            think on these things.

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