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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A pesky weed to most, to me a dandelion is a creation of great beauty and tenacity. When it lifts its flowerhead toward the light, it opens to reveal 1,000s of yellow blossoms. Eventually those blossoms are shoved away and the fluffy seed head appears. When they are ready for planting the little parachutes take flight. Not all seeds take root, but those that do are an example of doing it right.

Author Mary DeMuth is a lady after my own heart. One who loves watching others blossom. Yet is content to remain behind the scenes. She is a seed sower. The 11 Secrets of Getting Published require the tenacity of a dandelion, but if you really want to be a published writer, your roots must go deep. Mary tells you how, fertilizes and waters through each chapter so that you can reach that goal of a finished and published work.

She will delight in the blossoming of new writers. And her seeds of knowledge abound in the 229 pages and can be planted over & over through this book.

For those of you who want to write and for writers desiring to be published, I highly recommend this book. It is available inexpensively as a Kindle edition at Amazon. 

Is it time for you to take root and blossom?

1 comment:

Mary DeMuth said...

Thank you so much for touting this book! You're planting seeds for me!