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Saturday, September 14, 2013


Around the world the Jewish people are celebrating Yom Kippur; however, for all Christian believers...

Every Day is 'Yom Kippur'

Leviticus 23:27-28  "Also the tenth day of this seventh month shall be the Day of Atonement. It shall be a holy convocation for you; you shall afflict your souls, and offer an offering made by fire to the LORD.  And you shall do no work on that same day, for it is the Day of Atonement, to make atonement for you before the LORD your God."  (NKJ).

Just a brief comment this week, as we are in the midst of the Fall Biblical Feast season.  Last week the Jewish world celebrated what the Bible calls the Feast of Trumpets, which we believe is a prophetic picture of the day that Yeshua (Jesus) returns at the last blast of the Shofar.  This Friday is the Holiest day of the year for the Jewish people - Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement. Here in Israel the entire country, apart from emergency services, hospital staff, and necessary military personel, will come to a standstill from Friday afternoon to sunset on Saturday.  Synagogues in Israel and around the world will be packed with Jewish people seeking to have their sins atoned for and their transgressions blotted out of the book. 

There are 7 Biblical Feasts, beginning at Passover in Spring and ending with Succot or the Feast of Tabernacles at the end of the summer. The first 3 Feasts have been fulfilled by Yeshua and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Shavuot or Pentecost 2000 years ago.  The final 3 Feasts are yet to be fulfilled in the natural.  I say that as Yeshua has already fulfilled them, spiritually speaking.   The people who have truly been in the New Covenant over the last 2000 years have been raised up to live in the Kingdom,  and have received full atonement through the Blood of Yeshua, and He has been 'tabernacling' with His people.

The point I really want to focus on in this comment is that as the Jewish people seek to have their sins forgiven and cleansed, they have no Temple or Altar and no blood.  Leviticus 17:11 tells us  'For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.'  and Hebrews 9:22 declares that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin.
It is clear from these two verses that only in the New Covenant is there forgiveness, atonement and salvation, and that all other religions are simply that - futile, bloodless religions.

Not only do the people who are in a covenant relationship with the God of Israel, sealed by the blood of His Son Yeshua, have access to that precious, cleansing blood of the Lamb,  we can avail ourselves of it every day, as many times in a day as necessary.  Hebrews 9:13-15  For if the blood of bulls and goats and the ashes of a heifer, sprinkling the unclean, sanctifies for the purifying of the flesh, how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?  (NJK).  For the people of the New Covenant, not just one day a year is Yom Kippur, but every day is Yom Kippur.   This Yom Kippur let us fast and pray for the Jewish people to have a supernatural revelation of who the true Messiah is, and let us rejoice that we have 365 Yom Kippurs every year.

Shabbat Shalom 
David Silver 
Messianic Evangelist

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