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Thursday, May 15, 2014


My diagnosis, confirmed by an echo-cardiogram, of diastolic dysfunction means that my heart doesn't complete the resting phase before the next beat begins. It's broken... well, not working up to par. 

But I have had a broken heart: when my dreams of being a missionary nurse in India never came true, when my husband died, when I packed the tiny pink clothes of the baby I never got to hold, when I was wrongly accused of inadequate nursing care, when I couldn't run and play with my grandson or hold my grand-daughter. I am sure you, too, can list times when your heart was breaking.

During a period of depression, I was unable to talk with God.  Circumstances were out of my control. My anxiety about the future was at an all time high. I didn't think anyone cared - not even God. A phone call changed my life.

She wasn't what I would call a friend; just an acquaintance. But she called that bleak, heartbreaking day saying, "God impressed upon me to call you. Look up Romans 8:26-27 and know He cares." Then silence.

The silence was broken by the dial tone; I hung up the phone to get my Bible. It was then that I knew David's words were true. God was near!

I turned to the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12) and followed Jesus' instructions to rejoice and be glad! My heartaches were still there; but heartaches divided are much easier to  handle. The Holy Spirit was taking my needs before God the Father and Jesus, His Son. So do the math,,,      

I only had to bear 1/4th of that heavy burden.

I tend to picture heartaches like dandelions that have gone to seed- their white puffy heads just waiting for a breeze or a child to blow them away. Those tiny hairlike parachutes carry the seeds of my heartaches to be planted in God's love garden.
Heartaches into heartstrings connecting me to my Heavenly Father. Yes, He is near. He cares. He divides the heartaches and multiplies the joys.

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