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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Sample Of My Pity Party Bashers

My Pity Party Bashers

Out the window…    sunny and calm at present, blue sky; high of 80 predicted                        
I am so glad… 2 of my short stories were published  last month

I am wearing…   my blue nightgown  ~ I need to get dressed or I won't leave my apt.          
A memory that makes me smile… my grandson's recent graduation

I hear…  occasional street traffic ~ I need to turn on some peppy music                             
My favorite… things to do are knit, embroider, read, mentor, write, edit, watch movies. color, Sudoku puzzles, visit with friends, study Scripture

My favorite color… blue, purple & pink  ~ I need to wear a bright color                                    
Music… classical ~ need to turn on CD of upbeat music

I am inspired by… images of wise quotations, which I collect                                      

If money was no obstacle, I… would move to a larger (2 bedroom) senior retirement apt. with meals and housecleaning provided so I could concentrate on my writing & the things I enjoy. Plus there'd be more space for when my family visited.

I feel… sad because my son hasn't called since returning from vacation 3 days ago 
I am thankful… my family had a happy and safe trip to their Oma & Opa's

My favorite poem…  Drop a Pepple in the Water about the ripple effect of our lives 

An important truth… I am the child and heir of the King of the Universe/the Lover of my soul

I am learning… how to adjust to my physical limitations, which is difficult for me 
A Spiritual highlight… sharing my Noah Study with a small group and online

My favorite smell…  lavender, yeast bread in the oven                                     

A source of joy… newly adopted grandson along with his big brother & big sister

I think…  I need to practice more what I recommend/talk about                                                    
Over a cup of tea, let’s chat… about happy memories

I am praying… for the Noah Study to draw us closer to God & 
                      to create a hunger for more in-depth studies                                             
A book I recommend… The Illuminator, a novel about the first English Bibles

My favorite Scripture… 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 to know the mind of God                            

A friend… Alene & Barb, life-long friends

A movie I recommend… WarRoom                              

My favorite flower… wisteria & plumeria

Normally, I/you would only write a few lines, I did all of the prompts as a sample. However, they are accurate today as I am writing them. Some would be different on other days.


  • Opened the blinds to increase the light in my apt.
  • Got dressed; wearing a bright cheery red tee & a dab of lipstick.
  • Thoughts of my friend Barb in Hawaii & the Hawaiian flowers led to playing a CD of Hawaiian music & fond memories.
  • Invited a friend to chat with me while I did a load of laundry
Very tired but have a more positive attitude.

Selah~ think on these when next you have a down day.


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