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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Value of Pen and Paper

        We've been talking about chronic illness and the gift of time. Here is another use of that precious gift.

When I was 7 we moved to yet another town- it was our 5th or 6th move. Next door was a loving, caring older couple, who we adopted as our grandparents. Grandpa Bill wasn't with us for very long, but Grandma Nelle lived a very long life. She saw the positive in everything and was a "grand" role model ~ her life-long ministry.

In her 80s, her only child moved to Florida and felt Nelle should be near her. It broke Grandma Nelle's heart losing all her friends. Shortly after arriving she had a stroke, and her daughter placed her in a nursing home.

When Grandma Nelle moved to FL, I wrote 1-2 letters a month. Just chatty stuff, what I was doing, about my son and any news about her friends. After her stroke, I was more diligent writing 2 or more letters every month until she died.

One of her nurses wrote to me shortly after Nelle's death to thank me for all the letters. She went on to explain that Nelle had the nurses read the letters aloud for the other residents to hear. They all felt like they knew me...that I was part of their families.

Then Rev. Al stopped to visit and continued the saga of my letters. For her whole life, Nelle had shared her faith. When she had a 2nd stroke, she could no longer speak. However, it was through my letters that she continued her ministry.

There was nothing special about my letters, I just chatted as if I had stopped by for a visit. I had no idea the impact of those letters, which she kept tied with ribbons.

Although I use e-mails most of the time, I have never forgotten the ripple effect of handwritten letters. I love the feeling of ink flowing across pretty paper. I still hand write to a few of my lifelong friends. 
For my grandchildren, I hand write letters, notes and cards with the hope that they will keep them- my way of leaving my legacy. In the same way, I am writing a Gramma book for each of them.



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