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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

BOOKS, Part 1- guest post

Today I e-mailed Joe: "I love it when your posts pop into my e-box. I wish I could write as concise as you do. As I read Books, I kept saying "me, too...ditto that..."

"In addition to your list, books have saved my life and my sanity. Through them, I escaped emotional abuse as a child.They saw me through rough times in my adult years. And they aren't judgemental 😀

"Thanks for sharing your wisdom through everyday things!"

 By Joseph J. Mazzella
      I have always loved to read ever since I was a child so it goes to say that my house is forever
full of books.  I have new books, old books, hardcovers, paperbacks, fiction, and nonfiction.  My
two tiny bookshelves are full of photo albums and scrapbooks.  I have three boxes of books in
my closet, two boxes of books on the floor of my bedroom, and a box of children’s books
waiting for my future grandchildren.  I have books stacked on the nightstand by my bed.  I have
several books including my old, black Bible on top of my desk.  I have even more books
including the two I wrote on top of the filing cabinet beside it.  I do try to keep the books from
building up by donating as many as I can to the local library but as soon as I donate a few I find
myself buying a few more.
     Books I find keep my mind young, my heart warm, and my soul bright.  They bring me
learning, laughter, and joy.  They connect me with the wisdom of the past and the new ideas of
the present.  They keep me moving on the right path as I journey through life.
     I have learned that people are a lot like books as well.  Some have bright and shiny covers but
don’t have very much to say inside of them.  Others are old and musky but so full of wisdom and
light that reading them can change your whole life.  One difference between books and people,
though, is that while a book can have an ending the writing inside of us goes on forever.
     Take care when writing the book of your own life then.  Fill it with God’s love for you.  Fill it
with your love for God.  Fill it with love for yourself, others, and this world.  Fill it with all the
wisdom you have learned, goodness you have done, kindness you have shared, and joy you have
spread.  Keep writing it every day too.  Make it everything you are and everything you want to be
and then open it to everyone.  I know it will be a wonderful read.

~ ~ ~

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